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Making Pain Relief a Ball


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About Thermalball

How We Got Here

Thermalball, Icyball, and r3D massage therapy balls were invented by Kevin Clukey to help people suffering from chronic pain.   We first met Kevin in 2005 at an American Massage Therapy Show in North Carolina and became instant supporters of his invention.  We began distribution of his products and have received rave reviews from chiropractors, massage therapists, and pain sufferers.  

Kevin Clukey unexpectedly passed away in 2012.  Our company, MedSpa Distributors received continued requests for the Thermalball, Icyball, and r3D therapy balls.  We decided to carry on his pain relief mission.  We are excited to offer these products as they can be effortlessly heated or cooled to aid in a multitude of ailments including headaches, plantar fasciitis, muscle aches, back pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation, and many, many more therapeutic uses.  

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Distributed by MedSpa Distributors, Inc. in Kingsland, Georgia

(904) 371-2718

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